Identify customers with issues before they become dissatisfied and switch providers. Quickly address the root cause with integrated tools to locate and fix, such as VIAVI ONX-630. Virtualized system simplifies the transition to new HFC technologies like DOCSIS 3.1 and Remote PHY and enables continuity in critical HFC maintenance functions.

Key Features

  • Comprehensive DOCSIS 3.1 support
  • Maintenance prioritization based on churn risk
  • Service assurance and field find and fix capabilities in a single solution
  • Fully supports PathTrak hardware and network element integration including R-PHY sweep
  • Integrated PNM solution to illuminate HFC upstream, downstream, and home issues
  • Consistent system-wide network performance assessment, vendor neutral
  • Seamless integration of PathTrak HW, PNM, QoE, Leakage, and field meter interaction