NoiseWave's NW-CS Calibrated Source Series

NW-CS Series

NoiseWave’s NW-CS Calibrated Source Series are broadband calibrated noise sources, ideal for Noise Figure measurement and a variety of built-in test applications.

These products feature high output ENR with excellent flatness and stability. Designed for demanding applications, these rugged units can be economically deployed in commercial applications.

NW-CS Specifications

  • Input power:+28 Vdc
  • Output Connector:SMA female
  • Noise Output Variation:< 0.01 dB/ºC, < 0.1 dB/%V
  • Operating Temperature:0ºC to +85ºC
  • Storage Temperature:-65ºC to +125ºC
Noisewave | NW-CS Series
Model FrequencyOutput (dBm)Flatness
NW2G-15-CS10kHz-2GHz15+/- 1.50
NW2G-30-CS10kHz-2GHz30+/- 1.50
NW3G-15-CS100kHz-3GHz15+/- 1.50
NW3G-30-CS100kHz-3GHz30+/- 1.50
NW6G-15-CS10MHz-6GHz15+/- 2.0
NW6G-26-CS10MHz-6GHz26+/- 2.0
NW18G-15-CS1GHz-18GHz15+/- 2.0
NW18G-23-CS1GHz-18GHz23+/- 2.0
NW18G40-22-CS18GHz-40GHz22+/- 2.5