The PV624 is a portable hybrid pressure controller base station that combines the advantages of manual pressure generation with fully automatic pressure generation and control.

For use with the Druck DPI620G series electrical calibrator and interchangeable PM620/PM620T pressure modules, the PV624 creates a uniquely capable, flexible, self-contained portable hybrid pressure controller. The PV624 hybrid pressure controller offers an easy and fast method to accurately maintain pressure set points. Hybrid pressure control also supports large test volumes and long battery life.

Product features

  • Part of the GENii Advanced Modular Calibration System
  • In-the-field pressure range selection from the GENii PM620/PM620T pressure module family.
  • In built barometer to enable accurate pseudo pressure measurements.
  • Hybrid pressure generation and control from -0.9barg (-13psig) to 20barg (300psig).
  • Automatic selection of manual pressure generation, automatic pressure generation or pressure venting with large test volume capability.
  • Fully automatic pressure generation and control to accurately maintain setpoint.
  • Minimise in-the-field leaks with quick-fit pressure adapters.
  • Physical or *Bluetooth® wireless connection to a DPI620G electrical calibrator.
  • In-the-field rechargeable battery pack replacement.
  • Autonomous calibration wizard to store procedures and calibration data.
With a robust design and tool-less pressure connection, the PV624 is ideally suited to perform pressure testing and calibrations in the field.