The ADTS 405 is a series of reliable, high accuracy, air data test systems.

The rugged, compact design has evolved as a result of Druck’s continuous research and development, customer feedback and experience gained from manufacturing thousands of automatic pressure controllers. This has enabled performance, maintainability, and operational simplicity to be optimized.

• High accuracy TERPS sensor suitable for testing RVSM aircraft
• Flightline and rack mount versions
• Civil and military specifications
• Integral or remote pressure/vacuum supplies
• Fully programmable for aircraft type
• Protection for aircraft instruments
• Fully CE and ROHS II compliant
• 2 year warranty as standard

Remote control terminal The remote control terminal is a rugged handheld unit that provides the operator with all the display and keypad facilities featured on the ADTS 405 front panel. Operation from the flightdeck is then possible by a single operator. 18 m (59 ft) and a 2 m (6.5 ft) cables are supplied as standard. There is also a 50m cable option available.

Rack mounted ADTS 405 The ADTS 405RS is a 50 cm (19 in) rack mounting module housing the main control system with local front panel display and keypad. The remote hand terminal is optional for this model and a matched separate pressure / vacuum supply unit is available.