When Druck launched the DPI610 series pressure calibrator back in 1997, it was an instant hit. The flagship model of the company’s calibrators included seven commercial versions and four intrinsically safe versions. Today, the DPI610E is the latest evolution of the device that was an industry favourite.

The DPI610E has been designed using the latest advances in pressure measurement technologies, combined with a range of much loved features from the legacy DPI601/605/610/615 units.

Our latest portable is a battery-powered, self-contained manual pressure calibrator capable of pressure generation, fine control, and loop measurement. Most importantly, it has been designed for instrument technicians using input from those working in the field, using input from pressure calibrator users indicated that performance was vital.

The DPI610E retains the iconic handle, the ease of use, and the robust, reliable design of its predecessors, but offers exciting new functionality including an internal barometer, with a barometer port for easy calibration. In addition to this, the DPI610E contains an enhanced battery, offering over 60 hours continual use from a single, 2 hour charge.

  • It does so for a wide variety of pressure ranges (350mbar / 5 psi / 33 kPa to 1000bar /15000 psi / 100 MPa ). That means one device can cover all your calibration needs – reducing both cost of ownership and maintenance.
  •  Its rugged casing is made to last in the harshest of environments
  • Battery lasts more than 24 hours