FCO 220

FCO220 is used for troubleshooting, system checks and calibration of leak test equipment in production lines.FCO 210 is replaced by: FCO220

The FCO220 is ideal for calibrating production line leak detectors, troubleshooting and system control. Easy to use, adjustable, accurate and portable, the FCO220 sets the standard.

Variable flow rates

With a high precision needle valve, the FCO220 can be used for many flow rates. Just use the needle valve to set the desired flow rate.

Easy to use

Plug it in, turn it on, and close the shut-off valve. The FCO220 instantly displays an accurate flow rate display without fuss. No options, choices or unnecessary features. 

Simple display

The FCO220 uses a large 3.5-digit LCD screen to display a clear, high-resolution display of the flow rate. The excellent viewing angle allows the calibrator to be mounted anywhere and still be visible to the operator.

Shut-off valve

Instead of using a needle valve to shut off flow, the FCO220 uses a high specification shut-off valve. The needle valve can remain in place and the flow rate the same the next time the calibrator is used, ensuring a quick and easy calibration routine.