Electrodes Teflon

Thermally isolate up to  8000V of electrical conductors in metal with a current strength of up to 525 amp.

  • Temperature Range: -300˚ F to +450˚ F (-185˚ C to +232˚ C)
  • Pressure Range: Vacuum to 2,500 PSIG (170 bar)
  • Voltage to 8000 VDC
  • Amperage to 525 amp
  • Supplied with or without conductor

Like the EG Gland, Conax Technologies EGT Glands electrically and/or thermally isolate single electrodes, tubes or temperature sensors for use in vacuum furnaces, liquid level probes, transformers, environmental chambers, power leads and more. These bare electrical feedthroughs also seal against gases and liquids and resist element movements under pressure

The EGT gland differs from the EG gland in that the insulator and sealant are provided as a single continuous PTFE piece to accommodate higher voltage/amperage at lower pressures.