For insulated sealing of up to 16 uninsulated wires in sizes from 8 to 24 AWG. Can be different hole diameters in the same grommet.

  • Temperature Range: -300˚ F to +1600˚ F (-185˚ C to +870˚ C)
  • Pressure Range: Vacuum to 10,000 PSIG (690 bar)
  • Seals 1 to 16 Elements

Conax Technologies Model TG (Transducer) Glands provide pressure/vacuum sealing of solid bare wire transducers, including thermocouples, strain gauges, thermistors and RTD leads; or bare solid conductors supplying current AT LOW VOLTAGE MILLIVOLTS through a pressure vessel to instrumentation within the vessel. Bare wire may be replaced with insulated solid wire with an equivalent outer diameter to provide a higher voltage capability

In addition to electrical isolation, the TG gland seals against gases and liquids and resists element movements under pressure. TG gland bodies with NPT threads or SAE threads are constructed from 303SST standard. Weld-neck style glands are constructed from 316LSST standard. Caps and followers on all styles are constructed from 303SST standard. Many optional materials are also available, including 316LSST, Inconel and more.