Transducer Gland Teflon

Seals 24 AWG Teflon insulated copper or thermocouples. Rated to 100VDC. Up to 24 wires per penetration to 551 bar pressure.

  • Pressure ratings from vacuum to 8000 psig (551 bar), depending on the gland size.
  • Wire Rating: 100 Vdc, 500°F (260°C)
  • Wire Markers with customer nomenclature for easy wire identification of multiple wires
  • Twisting of wires in pairs or other groupings for easier identification and management
  • Wire Jackets/Sleeving
  • Hot Junctions – exposed or encapsulated

TG24T gland assemblies are provided with a Teflon or Grafoil sealant and 24 AWG solid Teflon insulated thermocouple grade wires or copper wires. These assemblies are ideal for sealing wires exiting compressor bearing housings, pressure vessels, instruments, furnaces and reactors.