The inertial measurement unit (IMU) is based proven MEMS accelerometers and gyroscopes for detecting the smallest linear accelerations and angular rates. The integrated electronic circuitry enables separate analog voltage outputs for all 6 degrees of freedom and flexible power supply voltage from 5 to 40 VDC. IMUs are manufactured for the specific application on a modular concept. They feature accelerometers of the technology MF (Medium Frequency) and industrial grade gyroscopes, which also allows the flexible combination of different measurement ranges for all DOF’s.

The IMU feature a lightweight, reliable aluminum housing with protection class IP67 and a detachable cable with configurable length and connectors.

The compact design of the ASC IMU 7-MF allows its use in applications for evaluating the driving dynamics of ships, trains or motor vehicles. IMUs are also used in automated guided vehicles (AGV), where they help to optimize curve speed and to control driving performance.