SLICE is a modular data aacquisition system featuring unmatched flexibility and reliability for critical test applications. Available in two ultra-small form factors, both SLICE MICRO and SLICE NANO make it easy to build systems in 3-channel increments by stacking layers with different channel and sensor input configurations.

You can put together your own system with any number of channels and inputs for different types of sensors. A simple interface takes care of supply voltage, trigger and communication between all SLICE modules and ultimately your PC. SLICE works with a variety of sensors and the SLICE MICRO model supports IEPE (piezo electric) sensors and is available as a module with an integrated three-axis sensor for angular velocity and acceleration. The difference between the two models is that the SLICE MICRO has the connectors integrated and the SLICE NANO has them externally, which makes the package smaller.

Start with a BAS SLICE. Add a 3-channel SLICE with bridge input for different types of sensors. Add up to 24 channels (8 modules) in a stack. Connect with a top plate and screw together. Multiple stacks can network in more than a thousand channels