AP-5000 Advanced multiparameter water quality probe

Durable sensors with long calibration intervals and wet replaceable provide minimal maintenance.

Auto-configuration sensors with quick response saves time

Suitable for “spot checks” and “low-flow sampling” as well as measurement over a long period of time with telemetry

Sensors for parameters: Optical Oxygen (RDO), pH/ORP, Turbidity, Conductivity, Temperature and Pressure, Salinity, Resistance, Total Dissolved Salts (TDS) and Density Ammonium, Chloride, and Nitrate, Ion Selective Electrodes (ISE)

Automatic cleaning (dryer) for long-term measurement

Wide range of sensors

Automatic compensation of surroundings, e.g. barometer level eliminates after-treatment of data

Simple integration of PLC/SCADA systems, data loggers, and telemetry

New design of pH and ISE reference for 3X sensor stability

Corrosion-resistant housing and rust-resistant oxygen (RDO) sensor

Compatible with “Low Flow System”