FAA certified pressure sensors PMP/PTX 3000 are specially designed to meet the requirements for precision and reliability in the aviation industry.

These pressure transmitters are very affordable and are available in the full scale pressure ranges from 350 mbar to 700 bar. The pressure transmitters can also be CAA certified and JTSO certified on request.

The pressure sensing module is fully electron beam welded to ensure high reliability. All sensors are built to optimize long-term results and remove premature failures. Despite the design of the pressure device, the most important functions are maintained without jeopardizing the customer’s choice of pressure area, etc. The pressure sensors can be obtained with various certifications, but the most important of all, it meets the requirements of the toughest environment while being an affordable solution with minimal technical risk.


  • FAA certified pressure sensors
  • CAA certified pressure sensors
  • JTSO certified pressure sensors
  • Voltage output or current output 4-20 mA
  • Total error 1.25% including temperature error -54 ° C to +125 ° C
  • Full scale pressure ranges from 350 mbar to 700 bar
  • Affordable solution!