High Temperature Sensor

Temperature Sensors for Various Applications, Including High Temperatures from Conax

Conax Industrial High-Temperature Applications Platinum thermocouples with support tubes for restriction and control are used in vacuum environments and heat treatment furnaces with inert gas flushing. Tungsten-rhenium type C units with a sintered alpha-silicon carbide sheath are used in semiconductor sintering applications. Thermocouples monitor surface temperature during the flat glass manufacturing process. A unique 44 AWG hot junction (0.002″ diameter) maximizes time response while minimizing surface contact. Single-point platinum thermocouples with molybdenum sheathing are terminated with quick-disconnect male plugs and flexible lead wire.

Thermocouple Applications – High Temperature

Conax High-Temperature Thermocouple Assemblies Conax Technologies’ high-temperature thermocouples are specifically designed for durability and reliability in high-temperature applications up to 2315°C. These applications typically involve oxidizing, reducing, inert gas, or contamination atmospheres that challenge the lifespan of the thermocouple. Conax has many years of experience designing and manufacturing thermocouples with materials and constructions to maximize the lifespan and reliability of thermocouples in these environments. The primary characteristics of the materials used in thermocouple types, sheaths, and insulations are described in our standard configurations below.

Temperature Sensors – Power Generation HRSG Thermowells & Sensors HRSG sensors: Conax Technologies collaborates with several OEM manufacturers of HRSGs to provide sensors for superheaters, blowdown evaporators, high-pressure drum temperatures, and measurement of tube skin temperatures. These sensors, typically provided in type K or E conductor material, are manufactured from ASTM E585 quality MI cable. Welding pads that match the tube material and radius are often provided.

HRSG Thermowells: One of the most critical features of HRSGs is their lifespan. Conax Thermowells are available in F21 and F22 alloys with complete material certifications. Thermowells are designed with ASME power test code guidelines.